“Cuba on the Cusp” – Clint was a member of the Oxford Center of Entrepreneurs’ envoy to Cuba.

I will never forget the first four days of October 2015. Thanks to the Oxford Center I was able to meet Cuban business and academic leaders within Havana. This picture of our group was taken from the backyard of Ernest Hemingway’s villa outside of Havana. I so enjoyed talking to the Cuban mechanics. Their creativity to keep 1950’s autos running smooth and looking amazing without access to any US parts would make McGiver (1980’s tv reference) seem simple. Other than everything being in Spanish you felt the same wonder of watching a game at any classic American ball park Watching the hometown Havana Industrials baseball game from the stands amongst friends munching snacks. Though the Cubans score strikes and balls the opposite so it took a few innings to get used to seeing a 2 & 3 count to the batter. While I have been fortunate to travel to numerous countries on multiple continents the beauty of the Cuban people’s heart and culture and driving my dream car, a 1956 Chevy Bellaire, made this trip second to none.