Stimulus Money and Covid 19 assistance for small business

It might surprise you that there are times when a business owner may tap into their personal funds. 

If they were certain the business is sustainable after the pandemic and forthcoming economic shifts.

If borrowing cash won’t put their personal household in debt.

If your small business needs short-term financing but can’t find it affordably elsewhere, you may be considering filling in the gap by borrowing against a home or retirement account.

Borrowing against your home may be a better option than retirement accounts whose investments are likely earning more over time than the annual interest on a long-term mortgage. But, we need to talk “risks”. Losing your business and defaulting on that mortgage would create a much worse situation than you were in prior.

It’s important to note that the new Stimulus Law enacted by Congress in response to Covid-19 allows a person to withdraw up to $100k, over 3 taxable years. The federal government is waiving the 10% penalty that applies to retirement money taken out before age 59 ½. Tapping into one’s retirement account may be the better option if it limits risk.  

But before you decide be sure to consider all your options first.  For example, another possible lifeline may be withdrawing some of the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy.  The money is not taxed as income since it’s a loan against your death benefit thereby reducing benefits paid to your heirs once you die rather than risking your home or retirement today.  There are other possible options that may work for your situation and each has its own risks to weigh so please consult a trusted advisor to help you assess each path before making a short-term decision that could have long-term impact on your life.

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