Market Update – November Election Impact Upon the Markets


September 2020. Oxford Retirement Advisors Market Update – November Election Impact Upon the Financial Markets As a financial advisor for over 30 years now, I am always on the lookout for half-truths that may hurt investors. With the 2020 US general election fast approaching, we’re seeing the same old half-truth resurfacing that says investors are…

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Oxford Market Update: US-China Trade War & The Corsican Brothers

In Oxford Retirement Advisors Integrous Investing’s Market Update (“Aaachoo” – April 6, 2018) I wrote, “Damn the tariffs, Earnings ahead… The risk to me is earnings disappointment. I think the fear of an all-out trade war is overblown; much like the concern about a possible Euro government default was in 2011. ”  Earnings for the quarter…

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